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How to Catch and Keep a Man - Tips For Women


We've all wondered at some point how to catch and keep a man. For most of us we've always relied on our own instinct and maybe a tidbit of advice from a girlfriend now and again.

Obviously there's the rules we all tend to follow that include looking your best, playing a little hard to get and being supportive, but there's a lot more you can do if you've got your heart set on a particular guy.

Being yourself needs to be at the top of the list when it comes to attracting a good man. In an effort to catch and keep a man you may think that embellishing certain details about yourself will make you more appealing.

In the short term that may work, but what happens if he decides he wants to get serious and you've told a white lie here and there about yourself? Chances are that the minute he realizes you've been disingenuous, he'll go running for the door. Never try and be anyone but who you are when you're trying to catch a man's attention

Another thing to always remember if you want to catch and keep a man is that men fall in love with women who make them feel good about themselves. Complimenting a man and making him feel special is essential if you want to build a lasting relationship with him.

Don't overdo or it will seem as though you're not being genuine. Every man has some qualities that make him unique and special, so ensure he always knows how much you appreciate that about him. It may be something as simple as how he treats others, or how dedicated he is to his goals. If he sees that you have insight into who he is, you've already made a lasting impression on him.


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