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Cheap Wedding - The Best Ways To Save Money On Wedding Costs

It is incredible just how much money a wedding costs these days; with a financial outlay in the region of twenty-five thousand dollars it is not surprising many couples are reluctant to commit.

This figure is not surprising when people hire expensive limousines, florists, caterers and stationery, not to mention the cost of outfits for the day; the day should be about the couple, not what they have spent and a cheap wedding can still achieve this.

Consider a few of the ideas detailed below if you would like to reduce your financial outlay; ideas that could help you achieve your dream day for less;

Low Cost Bespoke Wedding Gowns

Almost never considered are the costs associated with the hand made wedding dress; many brides sell their dress soon after they are married and this is a sensible way to reduce the cost.

Many brides spend two to three thousand dollars (often more) on a wedding dress and only wear it once; why not make use of a beautiful dress that someone else has only worn once, for a fraction of the cost?

The Reception

With the wedding reception requiring the most planning and portion of the budget, this is the area to make reductions; you may need to reduce the number of guests attending, when planning your cheap wedding, because this is where most savings will take place.

Don't invite everyone you know, in particular relatives you haven't seen since you were a child; as far as the meal is concerned why not have a buffet instead of a full, waited on, three course meal.

Although it is nice to hold the wedding reception in a beautiful hotel, this can be another huge expense but alternatives exist; there are many clubs that would be perfectly suitable or even the home of a good friend or relative that is large enough.

Wedding Pictures

As far as the photographer is concerned, why not just hire one for the service; most guests take cameras and will be happy to take photos at the reception and of course you will have plenty to choose from.

If you really want to be 'avant guard', why pay for a photographer at all; these days most people know someone who is a keen, capable amateur photographer, and there is nothing wrong with asking them to take photos throughout the whole day.

Cheaper Wedding Invitations

If you're on a budget and looking for less expensive wedding stationery items, then you might like to consider print-at-home stationery; there are many online stationers that will offer this service free of charge and all you pay for is the paper and envelopes.

With the correct programs, all the work can be checked fully before it is printed out; this means that often costly errors and adjustments that are often required in the early stages of the work are not made.

Flowers at the Wedding

If you want to reduce the cost of flowers, then how about this for an option; why not visit the local flower wholesaler where huge savings are possible, then all that's needed is a little imagination when it comes to the display.

There is no reason why a friend or relative can't bake the wedding cake; this will save more money plus the traditional fruit cake does not have to be used as there are many other fillings that people enjoy.

The Wedding Transportation

One last thing: luxury limousines, although nice, are costly so ask someone you know if you can use their car and make further savings; they may even have a luxury car of their own.

Cheap weddings are possible without the wedding seeming it has been cost driven; the point is that guests enjoy the day!

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