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How to Fire Up Your Relationship


Most relationships go through a very bad curve that makes the whole thing pretty boring and uninteresting. Such relationships remain only in word. What can you do to bring the old passion back? Let us find out.

1. Small things make a huge problem. The small differences and careless nesses add up to create a whole big issue that kills relationship.

2. have you ever thought of going on honeymoon again? One of my friends did that and found that her relationship changed totally.

3. Have you stopped paying attention to needs of your partner? Remember that early during the courtship you were very careful. Why the change now? We treat relationships like new and old cars. New cars are given all possible care and used cars are forgotten. Change your attitude and you will find your relationship changing.

4. A small wrinkle was not allowed when you put on clothes during your early meetings. You looked for the best clothes, best perfumes, hair care and everything to make yourself presentable. Compare with the present. If you write down about the differences you will realize the kind of carelessness that creeps in after some years. Amending that will surely help - what do you say?

5. All the courtesies and appreciation is the first casualty. Earlier what looked lovely need not be mentioned again. Earlier you used to look for smallest opportunity to compliment your partner. Now you can ignore them even if they are looking their best. How we change with time!

Most of us allow small errors to creep in our behavior over a period of time. That finishes the relationship. Some relationships get finished for good. If you want to ignite the passion and attraction in your relationship, it is time to act. Revive tour relationship now.


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