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5 Flirting Tips For Guys For Attracting a Woman

While it may help to look like Brad Pitt if you want to score the hot girl, it really is not necessary. All that you actually need is an excellent smile, and a small handful of sure fire tips for flirting to make the girls go absolutely gaga over you. The secret to flirting for men is to showcase your masculinity, but there is a lot more to this than scratching yourself in public or belching loud enough for the folks outside to hear.

- Keep eye contact - You should strive to lock eyes with the woman that you are flirting with for at least five or six seconds before smiling. Once you've caught her attention you can drop your gaze. This lets the woman you are interested in know that it is her that you are looking at. Eye contact is a universal sign signifying openness, and lets the woman know that you are intentionally flirting with her.

- Keep smiling! - Lets say you have a flirting tool box. Do you know what your most important tool would be? Simple, your smile! Experts in body language and psychology both agree that one of the absolutely most important things that you could possibly do to make you appear more approachable, and more attractive, is to smile. Offer her a smile that says you are having an excellent time, and are happy to be where you are at. The smile, according to body language experts, is the international sign that you are friendly. Lock eyes and trade smiles with a woman at least three times in a single evening, and you have found the sign you needed that says she's interested in being approached by you.

- Square your Shoulders - Biologically, women tend to be attracted to men who are more dominant. You can give off this specific air simply by standing tall and pressing your shoulders back. The more assertive you are when flirting with a woman from across the room, the more readily she will be able to respond. Hold your head up, and change your gestures to appear more assertive to her, and she will get the picture.

- Do not be afraid to mimic - People tend to mirror one another's body languages when they are attracted, using similar gestures, and similar volume of voice and so on. Try to subtly mimic her behavior. Lean forward when she does, scratch your head when she does. When you and she begin to mirror one another's behaviors, it can create the feeling that the two of you are connected.

- Focus! - Once you and your target have begun to talk, make sure that you smile and maintain your eye contact while they speak. Focus all of your attention on what is being said. The most attractive person is someone who finds you fascinating, so return the favor to her.

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