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What Is Life Really All About?

Have you ever thought about what life is all about?

I discovered something very special and important one evening while I was watching the sunset by the window. What I discovered really changed my whole idea about life.

I discovered our life is all about a simple four-letter word:


Yes, if you look at your life carefully, you’ll see love has always been responsible for the most happiest moments of your life. You'll see it's what gives a REAL meaning to your life.

If you look at life from the social aspect, when you love all the people around you, then you'll treat them the way you want to be treated.

So when there's love in a society, there won't be any problems at all!

From the professional and business aspect, love is the key to your success. Because when you love what you do and also love your customers and really want to help them, you're guaranteed to succeed - no matter what business you're in.

Also in your personal life, love is a real treasure that brings true happiness and warmth to your family.

From the religious aspect, religion is also all about love. Because when you love God from the bottom of your heart, you will happily do the good and willingly avoid the bad.

Who do you think are the happiest people in the world?

Those with the most money, the biggest house, or the most beautiful face?

No. The happiest are those who have more love in their heart.

So let’s love everyone!

Love the poor man sleeping at the corner of the street. Yes, come closer to him, smile and say hello.

You can't imagine how wonderful you'll make him feel. Maybe you’re the only one that has smiled to him today.

Love the salesperson in the mall even if he looks as cold as ice, because he has a heart beating inside his chest.

Love the kids playing in the street, the policeman who's standing there, the old woman waiting at the bus stop next to you…

Love everyone!

Love the poor as well as the rich, as they're both humans just like you.

Love the beautiful as well as the ugly because the ugly too is beautiful in its own way.

Love the weather no matter if it is cold or warm, cloudy or sunny, because all aspects of nature are beautiful.

Life is NOT about the amount of money you make, but the number of people you love, smiles you cause, and hearts you make happy.

Life is all about love and kindness.

Right now that I'm typing these words for you, I have the most amazing feeling in my heart:


I feel love for you, your family, all people around the world who are awake or asleep at this time, and those who are alive or resting in peace.

… And I feel tears of joy and love rolling in my eyes.

Wish you a heart full of love, and a life full of happiness! :)

Ladan Lashkari

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