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Dating Secret: 3 Sure Fire Things You Are Doing Right Now That Are Pushing the One You Love Away


Many men don't realize they are making these mistakes that are women repellents. Your relationships will go downhill fast if you don't realize this soon; and you will always be wondering how and why.

Here are common mistakes you are making and remember women notice details; so more likely than not she is repelled rather than attracted:

Coming on too strong- no woman likes a choke hold- she will be more repelled and want to be away from you more. To her it's seen as you trying to be manipulative- and when you do this; she will find you as a weak man; instead of the one wearing the pants.

Then the ball is in her court, not yours- and the game will be over soon enough. Insecure men control, strong men do not- this is one detail women don't tell you they are aware of and is the number one mistake men don't know they are making.

Mistakes- if you are wrong admit it; she does when she is wrong. Its no the end of the world to agree with her, and its better actually; it's more persuasive and you will find it easier to sway her after towards your side as well.

When she feels you are for her, and not against her she gets comfortable with you, and it's easier to get her to then do what you want, since you gained her trust. If you did something wrong apologize- a real man apologizes and can admit his mistakes- it doesn't mean lowering ego's or acting like a woman, it means you are man enough to say you were wrong, no matter what- it's the woman's perspective here. If you cannot apologize, she will be repelled and think of you as a heartless jerk.

Needy- begging and pleading for things; whether its time with her, things you want her to do, or sex. Either way, to a woman a needy man suggests an inability from his part to care for him-self and he is insecure; because so much time and care is needed; and it shouldn't be.

She wants a man, who can get what he wants without begging others- and show the initiative to get it himself. A man who has to beg is weak, or may just be barking up the wrong tree.

If you find yourself always having to beg, since she doesn't do it with asking or subtle hints, then reconsider if she is even the right one for you in the first place- there needs to be common ground.


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