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Original Wedding Vows - How To Write Your Own Unique, Memorable Wedding Vows

So you are going to get married and you want to write a beautiful, original wedding vow that the memory of it will last for a lifetime for you and your partner.

Original wedding vows are becoming more and more popular these days. Many couples, just like you, decide to write their very own unique vows to make their special day different and memorable.

But there's a challenge here: When you sit down to write your wedding vow, you might get the writer's block and can't come up with any ideas on what to say.

The good news is, you're going to learn 3 great ideas to help you write your wedding vow easily. Here you go...

Idea #1: Tell Him/Her Why You Love Him/Her

The person you are going to marry is very special to you and you love him/her very much, right?

So why not start your wedding vow by letting him/her know WHY you love him/her so much? What is it about him/her that have made you fall deeply in love with this person?

Tell him/her how different and wonderful your life has become because having him/her in it, and explain "why". Simply speak from your heart, because what comes from the heart, reaches the heart.

This will make the perfect beginning for your wedding vow.

Idea #2: Make A Promise about How You Are Going to Make His/Her Life Different Ever After

You are planning to spend the rest of your life with this man/woman who you really care about. So tell him/her "how" the rest of his/her life is going to be... with you.

Here's a sample wedding vow to help you get the picture...

"I will the shoulder you can always lean on.
I will be the rock on which you can always rest.
Whatever lies ahead, good or bad, I will stand beside you and face it with you.
I will be your friend, your lover, and your husband/wife for the rest of our lives."

It's a good idea to use a beautiful wedding poem here, because sometimes nothing can show our deepest feelings better than a romantic poem.

Idea #3: Take His/Her Hands and Look into His/Her Eyes

No matter what words you are speaking, taking your partner's hands and looking deep into his/her eyes will definitely double the effect of your words, because they will just flow deep into your partner's heart.

So take your partner's hands! It is a very romantic and memorable gesture that will make those moments a beautiful memory you both will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Wishing you a happy and joyful life,

Ladan Lashkari

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