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You've Slept With Him, Now What?


Did you meet someone wonderful? Would you like to get the guy hooked on you? One consistent question from women in this situation is, "Should I call him?" The answer is almost always a big, "Yes!"

Not calling a guy you are very interested in is a serious mistake. It never pays to be too tentative, by fearing rejection, and by waiting for the other person to make the move. When the guy is a great person, if you wait too long, someone else will definitely find him.

Here is the etiquette and dating good sense for calling:

1. Do Call

If you have met someone interesting, do not be afraid to call. You can send an email but you can't be sure they got it unless they answer it right away. If you have not heard from this new person in 24 hours - give them a call.

2. Calling at Work

If you only have a work number, keep the message or conversation short. Leave your name, where you met, and your return phone number twice. So many people leave their number on voice mail and cannot be understood. Say it clearly, twice so there will be no misunderstanding.

If you have the person's home number, call at an appropriate hour after work. NEVER make a first call late at night, (unless your name is Penelope Cruz or Brad Pitt.)

3. Perceived Rejection

If you want a guy hooked on you, this is where you need some gumption. The phone call may not work out the way you want it to. The person may be cold, aloof, or abrupt.

Talk with them for a few minutes anyway. If they don't warm up after you've been your most charming self, say good bye. And just so you don't focus on thinking you've been rejected, go and do something you LOVE to do with a friend.

Go bowling, play tennis, go dancing, work out at the gym, or take a yoga class. You need to get up and get actively engaged in something so depression or negative thoughts don't set in.

Here are the rules when you think you've been rejected:

* Immediately change your thoughts about him or her

* Do something action oriented

* Do not sit at home brooding

4. Go Back To The Drawing Board

Make new plans to meet people to date. Keep your mind out of that pity party you might start to slide into. You are not a victim. You are a person of discerning taste who does not want to reach out for a relationship that is not there - nor do you have time to invent it.

5. When not to call

When the person belongs to someone else -do not call. If he only showed a mild interest in you - do not call. And if you have called him more than once - do not call.

Gather your lovely dignified self together and remember that tomorrow is another day of opportunities. You can find them everywhere and enjoy the process while you're looking. Don't turn the telephone into a drama machine. It's your opportunity tool, and your chance to get a guy hooked on you, and - it's just a call.


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