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What Makes Men Leave Their Girlfriends or Wives


There are various reasons why a man may want to leave their wife. In this article we'll unravel the unspoken taboos of marriage and discover what makes men want to leave their wives.

1. The sex life has deteriorated

When you first got married, perhaps she was a wildfire in the sack, but now her flame isn't so hot anymore. Men need great sex to make any marriage work. Wait, I take that back, ANYONE needs great, lasting sex to make a marriage satisfactory!

If the woman isn't as wild in bed as she once was, the man will most likely lose interest or worse yet, cheat on her! This will ultimately lead the dissolution of the marriage. It's important to remember that this ISN'T the womens fault, but is something both the man and woman have to work on.

2. He suspects her of having an affair

Perhaps she has secret, hidden e-mail accounts and only checks them when he's not around. In today's day and age it's very easy for men to find out these things via "detective" software.

If the wife is being very secretive about things, or is spending too much time at the office for no apparent reason, that could cause problems in the relationship.

3. She has had an affair

Suspecting that she's having an affair is one thing, but confirming it definitely is certainly another issue altogether.

Perhaps the man cannot face the fact that she's been dishonest and was with another man sexually. This kind of thing can really ruin a man. Not a good thing for any relationship!


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