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Love Poem: All About You

YOU are the sun which brightens up my mornings
U are the spring which bring life to my flowers
U are the melodies that are sang by the birds outside my window
U are the inspiration to my goals, dreams & aspirations
U are the tears that always threaten to fall

U are the pride that i feel when i walk with u by my side
U are the words for that Kelly Clarkson song 'One Moment Like This'
U are the blessing that i pray for each night before i go to bed
U are the night light which i keep at the top of my head

U are the prince charming of all the romance novels that I've read
U r the Mister Right that I've waited for all my life
U are the fur on my teddy that bring comfort to & warmth to on a rainy night
U are the smile which stretches across my face from ear to ear

U r the twinkle i get in my eyes every time i am feeling mischievous
U are the flame to the fire i feel burning inside
U are the lovely fragrances that fill up my nostrils

U are the first thing on my mind as i rise in the morning
U are the cure to every unwanted illness
U are the sugar to my candy coated chocolate
U are the cheese in my delicious strawberry cheesecake

U are my baby, my angel, my lifeline, my world
You're the breath of fresh air that i take in during sunrise
You're the wonderful colours that brighten up the sky when the sun leaves us
You're the water that i drink to refresh my throat

U are an angel in disguise who came to guide me
U are the very person my poetry describes
U are the last person on my mind before going to bed and even while i sleep you're on my mind

You're the hearty laughter that i let out during or after a joke
You're the chill up my spine when my dreams come true
U are the weakness in my knees when i see or feel ur body
U are the one who makes my heart beat faster when you come around
And make my mind spin when our feet are off the ground


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