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A Broken Heart

All the words you said to me,
That seemed to be so true.
Were nothing but thoughtless lies,
That I thought would never come from you.

They seemed so real and seemed so true.
I was begining to think
That I was in love with you.

But I should of known it was all an act,
That I was just another part.
Just another girl to add
To your list of broken hearts.

I wonder why I still think about you,
After all your lies and sweet talking words.
I think its because you made me feel
Like I was your special girl.

I thought I was, I thought you cared, and that I was the only one.
But all you wanted to have was just a little fun.

I could never be with you
After what I found out.
You lied to me...
Thats what this is mostly all about.

I'm not telling you exactly what I know.
You can deny it all you want,
But i'm deciding to let you go.

But I will never forget you not matter how hard I try.
I will always remember you in my years to come
Until my eternal good-bye.

~ Melissa Ferreira


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