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He Finally Said I Love You

As I looked into his eyes
And found his longing stare
I stopped myself from saying words
That showed how much I care

I put my hands up to his face
To hold my feelings in
I wouldn't say the words again
To show my love for him

The last time I had told him
How much he ment to me
He put my hands away from his
And said to leave him be

I never spoke the words again
For fear of his deep fright
I thought it was the last time
Untill that blissful night

His fingers traced around my face
Pushing hair away
And I was quite unprepared
For he was to say

My heart beat quickly, My head raced on
I thought that I might cry
He looked at me if he might faint
Imagine this strong guy

But never would be more impressed
With anything he'd do
Than when he took that heartfelt leap
And told me "I love you"

~ Author Unknown


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