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Forever's End

The end was coming and nearly here
A few more hours until the New Year
And love could be sensed in the air.

It was on that magical winter's night
Where something finally went right
And love was to show us the light.

It was a pleasure to have you around
A few years after our love was found
Wedding bells would be a new sound.

Seeing you made my eyes open wide
We were ready for this enjoyable ride
And I knew I wanted you as my bride.

Children would come along the way
Blessing our lives each and every day
Together until the end I would pray.

Forever and always, a promise made
So with you and our children I stayed
And this love for you I wouldn't trade.

Time would pass and the children grew
Looking back on our history who knew
I got older but was still in love with you.

Our kids moved out for they had grown
And our future seemed to be unknown
But one thing stayed we weren't alone.

Grandparents we became as we grew old
And it seems like time had taken its toll
Our storybook ending will soon be told.

You were my love, wife, my best friend
We know death is just around the bend
But together we will face forever's end.

~ Darien

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