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Love Poem: How Long Is Forver?

Somewhere it floats in the back of my mind,
So hard to push forward, always on rewind,
The fantasy thats never coming true
So many reasons why, I'll never be with you.

Months have faded and I haven't seen your face,
Feelings I can't let go of and can't seem to trace,
From the begining, I told myself I wouldn't fall,
I had nothing to hold onto, Now I can't even crawl,

I'd be a liar if I said I'd had no clue,
and if I didn't realize I'd always be #2,
tried to pull it together,Still I keep falling apart,
You still got away holding my heart;

You're everything I said I'd run from,
But now I'd give anything to run to you,
I have everything you seemed to want,
But I still somehow wouldn't do

I try to speak, and I choke
sometimes its hard to breathe,
all you've put me through, I can't admit,
you're everything I need.


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