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I Clearly See

She doesn't think she's pretty,
rather that she is quite plain.
I tell her, "No, you're beautiful,
and every time I see you, I fall in love again."

She thinks her voice sounds funny,
she says it's like a child's.
I tell her, "I think it's sexy
and every time I hear it, my passions... they go wild."

She says her eyes are such a strange hue
The color is hard to discern.
I say that makes them magical
and to be lost in them, I yearn.

She says she's not a young woman.
Her hair is no longer dark.
She knows little about love
and she's not sure how to give her heart.

I run my fingers through her hair
and tell her, "I do not care
if your hair is no longer dark
For we'll learn about love together, I know you'll do your part."

She says, " I'll try your patience.
Sometimes I can obsess."
I just smile and say, "No,
I never would have guessed."

She looks into my eyes and smiles,
then snuggles into my arms.
She says, "You must be quite blind and mad to think you love me so.
I'm afraid one day you will clearly see and then you will go."

I kiss her forehead, my smile pressed into her white hair
and say, "I may not be sane,
I never claimed to be but," I whisper,
"For the first time in my life...I clearly see."

~ R. Hammans


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