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I Keep Looking

I check the mail for notes from you,
But I can't find them there.
Time and again I check for words,
They must be lost somewhere.

Perhaps this connection
Is linked at just one end.
I convince myself it's not,
So I go back and check again.

Yet, I know my box is empty,
But I still must look to see,
Disappointed one more time.
There's still no words for me.

My mind brings back your memory,
And I return again to find
My mail box still is empty,
No words of any kind.

It leaves my mind a wondering,
Why can't I just forget?
But every night it's still the same,
There's no rest until I've checked.

I know I will find nothing,
But I must go look to see
If by chance today is different,
And you've sent some words to me.

~ William Mae


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