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The Love Of My Life

It only happens once in a life
You find that someone who treats you right

Now days it is really rare
To find that special one who will really care.

The love of your life is the one who will be there
Who will always understand and be fair

They wont care what you look like when you wake
Or wont be a phony or a fake.

They will open their heart
And never leave you or be a part

The love of your life will never let you go
You never have to doubt because you will always know

They will show their soul deep inside
And their feelings they will never hide

Someone to spend those rocking chair years
To share the joy and to wipe the tears

To go through good times and the bad
They will be there when you are sad

To comfort your sorrow and your pain
To hold the umbrella for you in the rain.

They will make your sun shine even when clouds are gray
Right by your side until your dying day.

They will grow old together as husband and wife
This is my opinion of the love of my life.

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