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Love Poem: Let Me Take Away Your Pain

Close your eyes and take my hand, let me
take away the pain I see in your eyes
The pain you try so hard to hide, that
eats at you from the inside
The pain you keep hidden, that suffering
of which you act is not there
But I knew you hurt like I know that
yearning in your heart
Let me hold you in my arms, let me make
it easier to bare
I may not be a knight in shining armor
My sword is battered and my helmet
and armor is dented
But I stand here strong for you til
your courage is properly presented
Know that under the clear, lonely, star-lit
The only thing I desire is this amazing
feeling to continue
Is my embrace enough to melt away the pain inside
you I see?
What bout being you, can I make you smile; can I bring laughter pon your face?
To have your love and give you mine
any day or place
Is a completion in the realization of
a life lived well
Of having a girl in my life like you Brooke
and to the B.S. I say "Oh Well"
Cuz if you hurt, I hurt, let me kiss away
your pain
My heart beats faster, tis you I wish to gain
For you Brooke, cuz you make the
moonlight glinting of waves breaking
off a white sandy beach
Seem nothing in comparison to
whenever our eyes meet


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