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I Wait Day and Night for You to Notice Me

I walk down the street, and pass you right by,
I watch as you pass me, not notice me cry.
I see you every moment, yet only in my mind,
I love you more then anything, how could you be so blind?

I wish you would see me, notice me at all,
Even if it means you would watch me as I fall.
I want to be that lucky girl of your dreams,
But only when I sleep, together we are, as it seems.

Whenever I close my eyes I see,
Us together, and you with my heart’s key.
But when I open my tear drawn eyes,
My visions of “us” are a bunch of lies.

I want to sit beside you, and express how I feel,
But the thought of that is beyond unreal.
You and I could be an awesome pair,
I want you to take my heart, and treat it with care.

I want to be your only one to hold and kiss,
But to become that, you must notice that I even exist.
I want to be with you, and hold you tight,
I want to drive over to your house just to kiss you goodnight.

Oh baby, I prayer every night for you to set me free,
And even though he knows my request, he has not answered my plea.
I love you more then you could ever guess,
I want you to take all I have and possess.

What should I do to get your aid?
I try to talk to you, but always become afraid.
I want to express that I love you very much,
I want to hold you, and to always feel you touch.

I want to be with you always and forever,
Walking down the beach, you and me together.
Hand in hand and with our hearts in line,
In your heart, I want to shine.

I want to be able to walk up to you,
I want you to say “I love you too.”
We would be the perfect pair,
Just to think of the love we would share.

I see you holding other girls, and loving them so,
As I watch, I sit on the floor with tears of constant flow.
I can’t give up on you, I can’t continue without loving you,
I just wish that you could see, if only you knew.

But as for now, I can only hope for dreams to become real,
And if it doesn’t, my heart will never heal.
Bring in the finest tools, for my heart’s repair,
But nothing will work, because you are one of a kind and no one can compare.

~ Lia Jnell



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